2010 RazorPicks Week 3 Results

What did we learn from week 3 in college football? We learned that Duke’s run defense is non-existent. Or we learned that Dr. James Andrews really is the greatest thing to happen to knees/shoulders/elbows since tendons. Mark Ingram will be sending you a fruit basket for Christmas. Mark Dantonio really isn’t as by-the-book as we […]

2010 RazorPicks Week 3 Games

Last week doing it this way. Web app is in testing and should be deployed this weekend. Picks are due by September 18, 2010 @ 10:00 am. #12 Arkansas (SEC) @ Georgia (SEC) Baylor (Little XII) @ #4 TCU (MWC) #6 Texas (Little XII) @ Texas Tech (Little XII) #10 Florida (SEC) @ Tennessee (SEC) […]