Blue Cross Blue Shield Getting Away with Murder

there was a post on a blog that I visit regularly that caught my attention…

then as I read the post, I had to review just to make sure the situation I was reading about was actually taking place in the U.S. or some third-world African country…
sure enough, not only was the action taking place in the U.S., but it was taking place in the Deep South U.S. of all places…
the place where morals and biblical principles are still "supposedly" held in high regard…

the story is so shocking that at times I tried to convince myself this was some urban legend or something….
however, this is NOT a legend, this is the TRUTH and is happening in the U.S.A….

read all about how BCBS is getting away with murder and no one is doing anything

simply appalling actions….


One thought on “Blue Cross Blue Shield Getting Away with Murder

  • Blue Cross Executives should be sentenced to prison for their actions. They are killing people.

    Legally, they are getting away with murder for Profit.

    If declining coverage & purposely preventing, customers / patients, from receiving ‘life saving care’ for PROFIT is against the law. I see it as a MURDER sentence. Punishable by PRISON.

    Attorneys are making millions by continually taking Blue Cross to civil court.

    Blue Cross Executives are making huge salaries (even after lost law suites and killing patients). Steeling our hard earned money for their; own pockets, to buy multi-million dollar mansions, fly on private planes.

    The civil costs of the lawsuits are passed on to the consumer/patient so that the Executives can keep their job for showing profits.

    If John Garamendi is going after Blue Cross for monetary damages, the cost of this will ONLY be passed on to the consumers.

    *****The office of the California State Insurance Commissioner, John Garamendi, announced on March 29, 2006 that it would investigate claims that Blue Cross has illegally canceled policies and refused to pay medical benefits to Blue Cross members who made large claims.*****

    Like, the banks misrepresenting consumers who are now loosing their hard earned savings. Like, Enron Executives who made millions while the little people lost everything. Blue Cross is actually MURDERING PEOPLE FOR PROFIT.

    They wont stop until they are threatened by the FBI for investigation and looking at prison sentences.

    If the civil case money is not paid out of the Executives pockets who are making the Murder decisions.., then what is preventing them from doing it over and over. The Executives, themselves, are not loosing anything, the money for the civil suits does not come out of their pockets, they keep their jobs and retirement. The Executive just raise the rates to cover their ass for operating illegally. Then the profits go back into the Executives after all, in the end and AGAIN, more money (in the end) our of the consumers pocket.

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