this guy is a complete dope

isn't it a lovely country we live in?
aren't you glad of all the freedoms that we enjoy in the US?
isn't it great that a man can be quoted by the Associated Press as saying that the sitting President of the United States is "more of a terrorist" than the killed Al-Qaida leader Abu Musuab al-Zarqawi and no consequences will be suffered?
isn't it amazing that anyone would even CARE what this man thinks or says?
if he isn't lucid enough to understand that the man that was killed more than likely beheaded his own son with a machete while his son was still alive….then why should I care what he thinks and why would anyone ask him?
why hasn't anyone asked the mothers/fathers of some of the soldiers who willingly gave their lives for their country in the war in Iraq???
ooooh, that's right, it wouldn't fit their agenda because they would more than likely praise the killing of al-Zarqawi, and we KNOW that isn't going to sell many papers or get any viewers to the television shows.
matter of fact I am sure that the entire media in the US is observing a day or mourning today due to the death of al-Zarqawi…

just google "berg" if you want to read what else this man has to say…


3 thoughts on “this guy is a complete dope

  • Ouch, that’s some pretty harsh criticism. I haven’t read any news media that didn’t seem to be celebrating Zarqawi’s death.

    That being said, I don’t think they should have interviewed Berg. He’s obviously still under a lot of grief and isn’t handling it well.

  • Adam…maybe you are right….maybe “dope” was too harsh.
    Maybe I should have just understood the grief he is still under.
    However, does that excuse the remarks?
    Nope. He said them. He lives with them.


  • Yeah, this guy has totally lost it. W can’t even spell terrorist, much less aspire to be one. Unless of course, that is what his daddy and his money wanted him to be. Then, our country has proven ANYTHING is possible (for two stinkin terms!!!).

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