6 feet

missed a win in fantasy football this week by 6 feet (or less)….
my rb last night was warrick dunn for the falcons…..
he had 155 yards rushing but on two occasions was stopped at the 1 yard line and then was not given the opp to score….
therefore, the yardage was great, but when you lose by 7.5 points and those two tds would have been 12 points…..well, ya know….

and, things could have gone my way had the refs not blown a call in the new orleans/st louis game…
in the final two minutes, they awarded a turnover, and subsequent td to the rams defense….
even after replay showed the player for new orleans was clearly down…..
those subsequent 8 points for the st louis defense also cost me the game in a 7.5 point final margain…

maybe next week will be better….
but i doubt it…

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