baby update

Well, it was an interesting weekend for us around the Hill household.
On Friday afternoon, when I came home from work, Lisa informed me that she had been having pretty good contractions for about 2 hours.
So, we waited for Taylor to wake up, called my sister, talked with the nurses at Parkhill and eventually decided since we were less than 1 week from the due date, to head to the hospital.

We made our way to the hospital around 6:00 p.m. and Dr. Goreman was on call.
We really like him and were glad to see him there.
He examined Lisa and told us that he wanted to keep her overnight and monitor her.
He wasn't ready to admit her to the hospital just yet, but he felt confident that with the current rate of contractions, Rylee would be born on Sat, May 19.

So, I called the family members and mom & dad began the 3 1/2 hour journey to Fayetteville around 8 p.m.
April, Brian and Bailey would be coming up first thing in the morning once Bailey woke up.
Nancy and Lacy were on their way to Fayetteville around 10:30 p.m. (Lacy had to wait a while on Nancy as they were riding together).

Taylor was with the "extended" family attending the baseball game with the Ole Miss Rebels that saw the Razorbacks clinch the SEC West title.
She got to stay for the fireworks as well.
Taylor got home around 11:15 and I began getting her ready for bed.
Lacy and Nancy arrived around 11:00 p.m. and they were there getting ready for bed themselves.
Mom and Dad got to the house around 11:30 p.m.
I got everyone in place and headed back up to the hospital around midnight.

The doctors had given Lisa some nice medication so she was resting.
The contractions had slowed somewhat though from when we first arrived.

Morning came and Dr. Goreman came around to check Lisa around 9 a.m.
He told her that she hadn't progressed as far as he had liked and that she could choose to be induced if she wanted, or she could let nature take its course.
Seeing as how the induction would have caused a long day of labor after a long sleepless night and the risk of a c-section increase, we chose nature.

We haven't had much progress over the weekend (we thought).
We went to our regularly scheduled appointment this morning and had progressed quite a bit actually.
Not enough to the point of being induced, but we had some progress.

The plan now is that unless Rylee comes on her own between now and Friday, Lisa will be induced on Friday morning around 6:30 a.m.
So, Friday is the day…unless it is tomorrow, or Wednesday or Thursday 🙂

stay tuned….

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