banning “Christmas”

there is a HUGE wave of anti-christian sentiment sweeping this country every day of the year.
however, it is never more prevelant than during the Christmas holidays.
this year, several big name companies are now banning the use of the word "Christmas" from any advertisements or promotions throughout the store.
Lowe's has even gone as far as to label their Chrsitmas Tress as Holiday Trees.

These corporations are doing this because they don't believe that the Christian majority in this country will do anything and they are more concerned with the estimated 12% of shoppers whom they feel the use of the word "Christmas" might offend.
Tell these retailers that you do care and you do have an opinion of where to shop.

Sign this petition today tell the retailers the you have an choice of where you spend your shopping dollar:
Stop the Ban on "Christmas"


2 thoughts on “banning “Christmas”

  • Wow, people are really this sensitive? What’s wrong with a holiday tree? It’s ‘banning Hannukah’ just as much as its ‘banning Christmas.’

  • I guess that you can call me sensitive. I guess that with my Christian beliefs I get a little senstive when society tells me that a holiday that has traditionally celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ should now no longer bear his name. I guess you can say I am sensitive since I don’t understand why we are so concerned about how people react and how things may be taken out of context by the minorities among us. I guess I am sensitive when a society that I grew up in now tells me that although your beliefs are what they are, we don’t want to respect them anymore and want to cater to the minority among us because we don’t want to exclude people. I guess I am sensitive because I don’t want to exclude people either, but Christianity is an exclusionary belief. Not everyone will go to Heaven and people will go to Hell. That is exclusionary and because of it, most of society doesn’t want to hear it and wants to believe all are good and God will not condem a good person to Hell. One day sensitivity will be laid to bare for all. But until that day I would like to still hear Merry Christmas during the holiday that celebrates my Savior’s birth.

    So, I guess I am sensitive.

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