fantasy football week 4 update

ok, so here we are at the end of week 4….
Monday Night Football pits the Green Bay Packers @ the Carolina Panthers….
currently, I might actually break my expected and anticpated 0 – 14 record this year….
the current scores are as follows
  My Opponent – 69.28
  My Team – 62.95

for those mathematically challenged among you, that is 6.33 points…
I have one player playing tonight and my opponent has none…
my player is the QB for Carolina, Jake Delhomme….
for those of you not familiar with the scoring of fantasy footbal….that equates to pretty much 1 TD and 100 yards by my QB…
sounds simple right???
probably, with my luck….my QB will fall coming out for pregame and break his leg….just is my luck…

I will keep you posted…..

here is to an 0 – 14 season!!!!