ghana vs usa

yeah, I am not a big "futbol" fan….
actually probably have never watched a complete game in my entire life….
however, I will probably be using a handy little new TVU Networks and their TVUPlayer to watch the game on my PC..

watching Mike & Mike this morning on ESPN2, they had some past soccer guy on the show saying this was the "biggest game in US soccer"…

big statement, but if he says so, I guess he knows….I sure don't…

but for those playing along with the World Cup, you are rooting for the US (duh!) and you are rooting for the Italians….

US must beat Ghana and then the Italians have to beat the Czechs….

game starts in 35 minutes…

guess we will see…

if the US lays an egg in this match, then soccer in the US is officially dead….