H.R. 254: David Ray Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2007

Sounds great and innocent enough, right?

That is until you read the "prevention act" just a little bit more carefully

This act defines a hate crime as one that is an "incidence of violence motivated by the actual or perceived …. sexual orientation …of the victim poses a serious national problem" or "violence disrupts the tranquility and safety of communities and is deeply divisive"..

So, that doesn't sound all that bad you say.

Think about what this means in terms of religious places of worship.
For example here are a few things that would not necessarily be "illegal" under H.R. 254, but it would open the door for in the future:

  • Preaching that homosexuality is a sin from the pulpit will result in a preacher being charged with "hate speech"
  • Churches will have their tax-exmpt status revoked if they oppose homosexuality.
  • Homosexual marriage will be legalized in all states.
  • Polygamy will be legalized.
  • Boy Scouts, and all non-profit organizations, will be required to hire homosexuals as leaders.
  • Biblical language used to define homosexuality will be considered “hate speech.” City officials have already had a billboard removed in Long Island, NY, because it was classified as “hate speech.” The billboard read: “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination.” (Leviticus 20:13)
  • Classes promoting the homosexual lifestyle will be included in school curricula beginning with the lower grades.

H.R. 254 by itself will not accomplish these events obviously.
Read more information about it here.
However, opening the door to this Pandora's box of issues can not be what the intended result of the legislation would be.
At least I hope not.
Read more.
Find out on your own, and discuss with your legislators what exactly the intent is here.
I may be wrong or radical on this issue, but it is one I feel very strongly about and will voice my opinion here for all interested.

Homosexuality lifestyles are not biblical and therefore should be condemned.
Does that mean we don't try and understand and help the individuals in these situations come to a realization of their errors?
Absolutely not.
We all have faults, sins, shortcomings that we overcome every day.
We all need help and guidance daily.
No one is exempt.

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