H.R. 3685

I don't know how I can stress this more to you how important it is that this piece of legislation doesn't go into law…
It is not due to the fact that I "don't like" or "hate" those with different sexual orientations than my own…
It is due to the fact that by passing a law that is billed as one to "protect a classification of people against discrimination", all it does in and of itself is create animosity against that classification of people it is supposed to protect…
why do we need classification of people?
why should some people based upon their sexual orientation be given preferential treatment?
why should laws be passed that require people of faith to go against the beliefs of their religion just to comply with the law of the land?

If signed into law, ENDA would place "sexual orientation" into a category similar to race, gender and age and FORCE employers and even Christian businesses, Boy Scouts, universities, schools religious radio and television stations and daycares to violate their religious beliefs by hiring applicants whose behavior is considered sinful and bizarre.

here is a list of what the American Psychiatric Association gives for the answer to "What is Sexual Orientation?" WARNING: some of the definitions are graphic.

and here is a legal analysis of H.R. 3685 by the Alliance Defense Fund