if Democrats were to win…

here are just a few things that would become reality or at least closer to reality should Democrats win enough seats to become the majority in the November elections:

  • Amnesty for 12,000,000 illegal immigrants
  • A push to make homosexual marriage and polygamy legal in all 50 states
  • The appointment of only liberal judges with the ideals of creating laws to implement agendas not able to be passed through the legislative process
  • Solidify the act of abortion as a continuing legal alternative to taking responsibility
  • Continuing acts to rid Christian influences from our society, including but not limited to the removal of God from our Pledge and from our currency
  • "Fairness Doctrine" where liberals are required by law to be given the same amount of time on every issue even on Conservative talk shows. Liberals can't maintain their own talk shows and will use this as a possible way to eliminate Conservative talk shows from the air.
  • Increase taxes to push even more new "social programs".
  • New "hate crime" laws making it illegal to refer to homosexuality of any form in a negative manner.
  • The requirement that terrorists from other contries who kill Americans be given the same rights as American citizens enjoy under our constitution.
  • The immediate withdrawl from Irag. Sending the message to terrorists that if you wait long enough, America will lose interest and give up. Thus allowing you to further your cause.

look for my thoughts on what happens should Republicans stay in power in November in a couple of days…
my thoughts on that will probably surprise some of you…


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One thought on “if Democrats were to win…

  • Looking forward to that…just remember that not all Republicans are “conservative” and not all Democrats are “liberal” 😎

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