if Republicans were to retain…..

here are just a few things that would become reality or at least closer to reality should Republicans retain power in the November elections:

  • A guest worker program to "solve" immigration (in essence creating a third class group of "residents" not citizens working the new low wage jobs in the gulf coast reconstruction area)
  • A continued push to define a constitutional ammendment proclaiming/defining marriage as only between one man and one woman.
  • Appointment of judges with records of ruling on the merit of the case and not the merit of the new law they would like to see created.
  • A continued push to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling that made abortion legal in the US.
  • Fights to retain references in our culture established by our forefathers, to God, including but mot limited to currency and the Pledge.
  • No laws forcing the liberal agenda that can not in of itself gain traction in the public realm (radio talk shows).
  • No increase in taxes and the continued cut back of liberal programs that no longer work and are not achieving the goal they were intially created to achieve.
  • Hate crime laws are needed in this country. However, there should not be a push to disinfranchise sections of society based simply upon their sexual preference.
  • Terrorists who kill American citizens will be given no rights. All possible means required by law will be used to ensure that American citizens are protected from an relentless enemy.
  • Continued presence in Iraq. What the plan is, who knows? A continued presence will prove something to someone one day and when that day comes, they will explain it to us all.

I will explain my thoughts on these issues and my answers here soon in another post…..
however, most of you that know me will understand my responses and my feelings……



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