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  • But its not the fact that they’re illegal aliens that leads to them committing these crimes. Illegal immigration is obviously a huge problem that needs to be solved, but I don’t understand what the Visa Waiver Program has to do with it. Is Cutler against illegal immigration or just foreigners in general?

  • Great question Adam.
    I also agree that just because these are illegal immigrants doesn’t raise the likelihood they will commit murder.
    I am not 100% sure either whether Cutler is against illegal immigration or all foreigners.
    However, I believe that he is trying point out that the illegal immigration is a problem that should be addressed as a legal issue for its complete face value.

    I have another post that I am working on that I had at first written off as an urban legend but have since been able to verify its validity. It brings to light very pointedly the problem of illegal immigration and where the current thought process of how to deal with the problem could lead us as a country.

    I hope to have that post ready to go soon.
    Thanks again for the comment Adam.

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