life before kids was interesting to say the least….

my wife and I would spend our evenings enjoying the latest, greatest episode of friends, er (before it became to politically correct and every body turned out to be gay), ally mcbeal (yea, we watched it), boston public, the practice, alias, csi (the original) or just whatever happened to be on at the time….

we lived in the big d, dallas, not dierks…..
talk about plenty to do whenever you wanted to do it…
man, it was a great place to live….especially if you were like my wife and I and newly married and working great jobs and labeled D.I.N.K.s by all our friends….

then we moved *home* to fayetteville…
my wife decided it was time to have taylor….
therefore, some 10 months after moving back to fayetteville, along came taylor…
now, our afternoons are spent chasing around a 14 month old
trying to figure out how fruit chews ended up in the cocker spaniels ears
how come everything ends up in taylor's mouth….first
why 14 month olds LOVE tupperware
how something that weighs 20 lbs can produce a diaper that weighs 15 and smells like milk you left outside for 10 hours in 100 degree heat
how some things also just don't digest in a 14 month old's system (try grapes all you new parents, they love those)
but, most of our time is spent constantly being fascinated by this little human life…
wondering why or how we were picked to have such a blessing….
how or why we deserved such a precioius little human…

trust me, if you don't have kids yet, one day you will get it….

btw, D.I.N.K.s means (Double Income No Kids)….