Lacy & Bill Get Hitched: The Reception

So, we now have Mr. & Mrs. William (Bill) Kenneth McCain and everyone is leaving the church. Lacy and Bill load up in their limo and they head out. We gather things up and mom, dad, april, brian, and I get in the cars to head to Hardscrabble for the reception.

As we turn onto Rogers, there are a few things I notice right away that are different, being the observant individual that I am and since I am driving. There are no street lights at every other intersection. Interesting. Didn't realize the storm was that severe. As we get closer to the SE side of Fort Smith where the club is things get even more interesting.

We start noticing little clumps of leaves and small limbs lying in the road and on the ground almost everywhere. As we turn off Rogers onto Old Greenwood to head South, things get even MORE interesting. Now there are larger limbs and more amounts of debris scattering the ground. As we turn East onto Country Club road the situation only gets even more grim. Every home has some form of tree limbs, leaves, debris lying in their yard. Some more than others. As we turn South of Country Club to head up the #5 fairway at Hardscrabble, we get our first glimpse of the course. There are large trees down all over the course. Huge limbs litter the fairways. Clumps of leaves and limbs just scattered all over the place. The storm appears to have come directly over Hardscrabble. As we make our last turn East and head down Cliff Drive, we finally see the full power of this storm. Cliff Drive is compltely canopied by tress. Most of them being pine trees, but some hardwoods as well. The two lane road of Cliff Drive looks like an old farm road that has grass grown up in between the tire tracks however, instead of grass there are piles of pine straw.

As we get in the line of traffic to park near the club, there are tons of people there. We finally get to park and begin the walk to the clubhouse. As we get closer I notice there are several people standing outside in what appears to be a line, so I just assume that it is because there are so many people there. And indeed that was the case. However, upon entering the front door of Hardscrabble two very obvious things jumps out at you. 1) Man they should have used more candles because it is quite dark in here. 2) Oh my lord is it hot in here!

Now, the storm had appearantly hit Hardscrabble around 6:15 and at that time they lost all electricity. Due to the fact they didn't have back up generators, the air conditioner had been off that entire time as well. Combine that with the open flames from the gas chaffing dishes and it was a complete sauna in the clubhouse dining hall. However, the 500+ guests didn't seem to mind as every table was full and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves quite immensely.

At around 10:15, it was time to take Taylor home, however, we weren't exactly sure where that home would be as Phil and Nancy had no power at thier home. So we decided that we would take her Aunt Lucy and Uncle Mike's house who did have electricity and mom and dad would get a hotel for the night and head back to Dierks first thing in the morning. So, off we went (and the decision to do this was not an easy nor peaceful one do to the heat and short fuses by myself mainly). We arrived at the Taylor home and I changed quickly by flashlight and then packed all of Taylor's stuff and got ready to head over to Lucy's. Almost out the door, the electricity comes back on at Phil and Nancy's. Thus we turned around, mom and dad kept Taylor at their house and I headed back to the club in my shorts and t-shirt now (but was I ever MORE comfortable) 🙂

We danced and continued to have fun at the club until around 11:15 when Larry B had had enough of the heat and called it a night. We all saw Bill & Lacy off and then loaded up al of the gifts they had received into Phil's car. Then Lisa and I headed downtown with Travis and some other people to have some fun. We were out until about 1:30 or 2:00 before returning home to catch about 5 hours sleep before the Wedding Brunch was to take place the next day.

What a weekend! And I didn't even write about the brunch!