Lacy & Bill Get Hitched: The Rehearsal Dinner

Wow. Not everyday you have a wedding. And it is definitely not everyday that you have a wedding such as this one turned out to be.

Everything began rather innocently on Friday, the 22nd. The rehearsal went off with no problems at all around 6:00 pm. The rehearsal dinner followed at the old Ward Farm at the east end of Kelly Highway in Fort Smith. When I say *farm*, I mean corn fields, soy beans, Arkansas River flood plains, top soil, and lots of land *farm*. There is the remains of an old storage shed on the farm that Bill and his father cleaned up around, put gravel down on the floor, and brought in several tables, chairs, LARGE box fans, tiki torches and more food than you could shake a stick at. The dinner was catered by a local group who served up some of the best barbeque ribs, pork and fixins that I have personally had in quite a good long time. The shindig started around 7:45 and the sun was still a little bit in the mix, but it slowly slid from view around 8:30 and the temp cooled from a balmy 104 down to 98. ๐Ÿ™‚

Miss Taylor loved the entire idea of being outside with free roam of the place. She is definitely and outdoors type and she had a blast in the gravel and the ice chests that contained the drinks. She loved to get her hands in that ice and cool down whenever possible. But of course, she did eventually get tired and Grams & Gramps took her home around 9 to get some shut eye for her big day the next day.

Lisa and I stayed around of course to enjoy the festivities and it is good we did I guess. Lacy & Bill had retained the services of their photographer to make then a *memories* DVD of photos from both of thier lives from birth to where they are now. Around 9:20 Bill came to me with an Epson projector asking me if I could set up the thing to play the DVD for everyone while he went to get the screen. I said sure. So I set up the projector and got everything ready fully expecting Bill to bring me back the computer or some form of electronic device to play this DVD. Bill returned. With only a screen in his hands. I asked where the computer was to play the DVD. He said I had it. I had this sneaking suspicion you were going to say that I said.

I then carefully and gently explained to the visibly distressed soon-to-be brother-in-law of mine that simply the projector alone was not going to play this DVD. Thus the adventure began to find something to play this DVD. Phil's laptop? At his office. No DVD player on the dang thing. Sydney's portable DVD player? No DVI output. Bonnie's newer portable DVD player? Once again, only S-Video out (and we didn't have those cables). The video guys dvd player. You guessed it, only S-Video. Finally around 10:00 someone must have woke Wilson up as he remember he had a laptop. It had a DVD player. And it was at his house in Fort Smith. Off he went to get it and finally at 10:30 we watched the video and enjoyed it immensely! ๐Ÿ™‚

Stay tuned….it only gets better for the wedding ๐Ÿ˜‰