Lacy & Bill Get Hitched: The Wedding

Saturday morning, July 23 began with a BEAUTIFUL sunrise over the river at my in-laws. The day was going to be memorable from the get go. Taylor decided it was time to get up around 8:15 since that is what most 13 month olds do. So her, her mother, and I got up and began to prepare her breakfast as well as to heat up the breakfast casserole that was to serve as everyone else's breakfast that morning. BE is in a GREAT mood today and that is going to help as we continue through the day.

After breakfast there are a few things that need to be done before tomorrow morning when Phil will be hosting a Wedding Brunch at his house for ~60 of his closest friends. Therefore, we are required to fill his boat up with gas and put it in the river for the impending river boat rides to happen tomorrow. We also must venture across town to gather up the other two fans that will also be needed in conjunction with the ones brought over by Bill's father (his name is Bill too, we call him Big Bill) from the rehearsal dinner last night. Trust me, we are going to need them.

After that, we are to take Lisa's dress to have it steamed. Turns out Nancy is capable of doing that, so mark that one off my list of things to do. Then after we are finished, mom, dad and I venture out for some shopping and await the arrival of Brian and April from Fayetteville. While mom and dad continue to shop, I run to Beau's and pick up my tux. We then meet up with Brian and April and have a nice lunch and return to the Taylor household around 2:15 in the afternoon.

Lisa needs to be at the church at 3:15 to help Lacy get ready for the pictures that are scheduled to begin at 4:00. Therefore, once she is ready, mom and I run her down to the church and head back to the house to get ready. Taylor and I have to be back at the church around 5 for our pictures. We stop off for some more shopping on our way home, and while doing so, I notice the temperature is a steamy 105 in the Fort and I think to myself, this is going to be fun ๐Ÿ™‚

We arrive back at the Taylor home and begin to get ready. While I am putting on my tux around 4:30 downstairs I hear the darndest noise. It sure does sound like it is raining, but looking through the closed blinds in the room I can tell that the sun is BEAMING down just as bright as it has all day. I continue to get dressed. After finishing I return back upstairs to check on Taylor's progress and notice that it is indeed pouring down rain and the sun is shining VERY brightly. Oh well, just a freak thunderstorm that will pass.

After Taylor is ready, mom, April, Taylor and I tell Brian and dad goodbye and from the sun room, we can see down the river and the storm is beginning to get really wound up at this point. The wind is howling up the river whitecapping it and causing all kinds of fun. Once again, I write it off as a typical summertime thunderstorm and we load up and head to the church. As we arrive at the church, the storm has not reached that side of town and it is sunny and H O T. 106 at this point and no end seen insight. However, the church is nice and AC is wonderful.

We enter the church, put Taylor's dress on and take her pictures. After her pictures are finished around 5:30, I return to the sanctuary for the other pictures. As I step back into the sanctuary, an enormous bolt of lightning causes a hugh power surge through the church and everything goes black. And immediately the lights come back up. Whew! That was close. However, one thing didn't happen after the surge. The AC didn't come back on. So it is 1 1/2 hours before the ceremony and there is no AC in the church and it is still 105 outside. This is going to be fun ๐Ÿ™‚

At approximately 6:15 the storm hits the west side of town where the church is. The temps immediately drop almost 20 degrees and since the fans have now kicked back on for the AC, no cold air, just fans blowing outside air in, the church begins to cool ever so slightly. About this same time the lady working on the AC tells me "Now when the AC does kick back on there will be a loud pop in the sound system, the lights will dim and then everything will be fine. That is normal." I think, that is normal? Well, ok, not many people here, no big deal. That is fine.

The storm subsides a little around 6:45 and everyone must have somehow timed it because they ALL arrived at the same time. All 400 of them. We seated them like mad men and got everyone in their seats and we were ready to go by around 7:05 for the ceremony.Wow what chaos there for a bit.

So the ceremony begins around 7:05 and all the bridesmaids march in and the little flower girls and then it is BE and I. It was prearranged that I walk down the aisle with BE and hold her so everyeone could see her. She is a complete angel. She tries to reach up and grab the candle holders that are on alternating pews as we walk down the aisle. However the audience just thougth she was waving at them, so it worked out just fine. I hand her to mom when I reach the altar and I head back to the back for my duties after the wedding.

Lacy enters the sanctuary in her beautiful gown and her and Phil head down the aisle and they meet Bill at the altar. They have the exchanging of intentions and then Dr. Cogburn asks Phil the all-important question "Who gives this woman to be married to this man?" …….Remember back when the woman told me about a loud pop when the AC comes back on?? Well, guess what. The AC came on at that exact moment!!! Loud pop. Lights dim. Everything goes silent. To break the tension a small child in the audience says "Uh oh!" and everyone is then fine. The ceremony continues without a hitch.

Oh yes, there is still more…..The Reception!