liberal bigotry

now, first of all, I am not saying that Lisa and I will or want to have 16 children, ever….
however, just because that is someone else's idea of joy and a gift from God, why would a liberal journalist in San Francisco even care???
how does the fact that a religious, pro-life family in the mid-west decides to have 16 children going to affect him and his life in California??

I have yet to see why this article was warranted…
i will not link to the article itself, but will instead link you to mccannta where you can get the article if you choose…

once again, what exactly is this guy's problem????


One thought on “liberal bigotry

  • Seems that this attack is simply on everything non-liberal, not so much as famiy size.

    Remember, say 100 years ago, when parents tried to have as many children as possible, to help out on the farm or the family store?

    My grandfather’s generation had a semi-large family, there were six children, and all but one became doctors. The parents helped the frist child through school, and then the children helped each other through in similar fashion. How much good, in terms of community service, did these people do? One of my great-uncles delivered around 60% of the population of Northwest Arkansas, over about 40 years or so.

    If this is about shear numbers in the war of left vs. right, then the journalist seems to have taken a unsubstantiated approach.

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