nice and cozy

so, I am pretty sure by now that you have heard of this thing called global warming….

if you haven't heard about it, then honestly, you are playing too much WoW..

of course one of the most prominent proponents of global warming is none other than Mr. Al Bore…. I am sorry, Gore…

evidently just about anyone can complain enough and if you do it for the right cause you can even get nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize???

remind me again how trumpeting the effects of pro ported warming of the earth is a call for peace???

also, now if his love fest with hollywood, his "nonfactualmentary", and his oscar nod were not enough, then we get this

in case you didn't know, I HATE BUSH!

yeah, Al, we get it…

however, some things that I want explained to me….real simply stuff here Al….

the first and foremost thing is, you want me to believe some scientists about what is going to happen 100 years from now, yet my local guy can't get within 10 degrees of what the temperature will be tomorrow….can we FIRST work on tomorrow and then I might believe you about the 100 year thing??

second, if man is the major cause of the earth's global warming, then what is causing the global warming on mars?…I don't think we can blame good ol man for that one, can we Al??

and finally, has anyone ever thought about taking into consideration that big ball of gas we refer to as the Sun

of course I am sure that Bush Administration is paying off these Swiss and German scientists as well, right Al??

Oh, and also try and tell the people living in the north central and north east US that the earth is getting warmer…

g'day Al…

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