our next President?

he has all the makings of a possible presidential run similar to the last President to come from the natural state…

he was born in Hope, like the other dope…

however, their are some differences in the two…

one was a lawyer, the other a Southern Baptist Minister….
one was a Democrat, the other a Republican….
one was a womanizer, the other is a master dietician….

Huckabee the next Pres?


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2 thoughts on “our next President?

  • Give me a break!!! Born again EXTREMIST is what is wrong with our country today. Keep your “do as I say and; not as I do out of politics and in the house of worship where it belongs.” History has proven again and again that when religion controls public life there is always a heavy hand involved. The colonist left for religous freedom but somehow were able to impose their will over others. The Catholics took Europe into the Dark Ages with their repression. Religous sects have enslaved people with their dogma for years.
    Mike H??? Like I said; give me a break.

  • Um, I appreciate the comment, however, I don’t believe anywhere in my post did I say that I wanted Huckabee for President. I was just pointing out the article that happened to mention him as a potential candidate.

    Not that I wouldn’t consider him, but I don’t believe I ever endorsed him in my post.

    Thanks! 🙂

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