well, my high school alma mater won again last night to move to 7 – 2 on the year…
they are 5 – 1 in conference and a win next weekend against Horatio will give them their second straigh conference title…
they really slipped up last week @ Mineral Springs when apparently they didn't show up and lost 42 – 7….

after last year's 12 – 1 record, they had a lot to live up too….
however they have done a decent job…

i will keep you posted….

3 thoughts on “outlaws

  • Not sure most the girls of which you speak could even read the program, but I digress.

    Where else but in class AA football (was Class A at the time), can someone like me start at split end, strong safety, and holder and play on all other special teams? Those were the days.


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