parental rights

according to the 9th circuit court of appeals in california, Lisa and I as parents do not have the fundamental legal right to determine how, when, and where Taylor is taught sex in the public schools.

Furthermore, parents have no fundamental right to influence their children on sexual matters "in accordance with their personal and religious values and beliefs," the court stated.

eventually, we as parents may not have any legal rights over our own children…

where does it stop??? where does common sense and 200 years of moral judgement come back into play?
when does political correctness get recognized for the blatant prejudicial divisions it creates?
when do we, as man, stop trying to be a god by trying to create what we believe is a more "perfect" culture??

article here

and according to the superintendent of the school in question, the school itself was uninformed of what type of questions would be on the survey….

uniformed, and apologetic

One thought on “parental rights

  • Government schools are a package deal. You get the good, bad, and ugly of everything. The Ninth Circuit Court’s ruling simply states, in legal terms, what has been happening in most government schools everyday for a long time. In our very own Fayetteville, AR schools, children are shown sexually explicit pictures and narratives in the school library books. You can see and read some of this “stuff” at Remember folks, all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing!

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