rewriting history

so as not to offend religious groups….

holocaust never happened, don't worry muslims

let's see what else we can erase from history because we are afraid some people's religious beliefs might be offended…

exactly where does all of this thought process come from?
are we afraid to show children just how horrible and evil some humans can be?
what do we think this will actually do to them in the future when they finally meet someone that is truly evil?

just simply beyond words to me….

2 thoughts on “rewriting history

  • I agree Adam.
    Christian groups should embrace the teaching of biology in the classroom. By understanding the details of biology students would then be better prepared to make more informed decisions when the theory of evolution was taught. I don’t necessarily think that the theory of evolution should NOT be taught in public schools. I believe that it should be taught as long as the concept of it being a “theory” is held in check. Whenever it is presented at fact and the end all for creation is when I have issues with it. However, by teaching students biology and allowing them to make their own conclusions better offers the chance that students will realize how much faith is required to believe in evolution.

    Nothing should be removed from public schools that would in one way or another impair the student to make an informed decision about any religion, ethnic group or society (past or present).

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