rumors are true…

there were rumors circulating far and wide over the past week and weekend that some monumental event was supposed to be happening on saturday…i of course thought everyone was referring to the first pre-season game between the cowboys and texans…appearantly that wasn't it….then I thought, well maybe they were talking about the lady back volleyball team playing the team from memphis on saturday night at barnhill….that later proved to be invalid as well….having run out of possibilities for what could possibly be this *monumental event*, I was finally let in on the little secret around 7 pm on saturday night when I received a call from Ace (that is my father-in-law) as he was leaving hardscrabble in fort smith headed to fayetteville….things all began to get a little clearer when he told me he was coming to take me and the fam out to dinner….wondering why the special trip…he said well it is your birthday right??..and then he said…not just ANY birthday, right???

you are 30 now…, yes….I am now 30 years old….doesn't feel any different than the day I turned 22, or 23, or 24, or 25, or …. you get the picture….the biggest difference you ask?? mainly, I have the most beautiful wife and one of the most beautiful little girls God could have ever blessed a man with….and of course the family does some pretty swell things for me as well…..

so, those of you dreading your 30th birthday…..don't….it isn't bad…..matter of fact…..just proves the old saying that you are only as old as you feel…..hmmm, guess that puts me right about 17 again 😉