“share the sugar”

ok, sitting here watching Wisconsin vs Michigan State on ESPN HD….
yeah, Lisa and Taylor aren't here….as if that would somehow matter…
anyways, I honestly don't think I can stand watching the second half…
the announcers are Brent "yard-line" Musburger and Steve "pass the motor oil" Lavin….
now, most of the time, announcers don't bother me much…hey, I don't really have a problem with Dickey V for that matter..however…..

sometimes it is just beyond me why announcers feel they have to created new "terms" that they hope will catch on and be used throughout the highlights on Sportscenter or your local hole-in-the wall sportscast….
some examples that I have heard in just 20 minutes of game time from this duo….

  1. "share the sugar"
  2. "miss the bunny"
  3. "the bigs"
  4. "ides of march"
  5. "lingerie on the floor"

some of these are self-explanatory….but honestly, can't we just call a basketball game???
makes me wish Jimmy Dykes called every game….