thin skinned

i have come to the realization that the majority of Americans have developed some VERY thin skins….

it is sad that one group of individuals find it necessary to attack other individuals because they don't believe the way they feel the other group ought to believe….

Far right conservatives fall into this group as well as Far left liberals….

the center is a great place to be, but it is hard to live there for very long without slipping into one of either side…

we are not here to judge people for their actions, we are here to show through our own actions that there is a higher being and that higher being has a plan for their lives beyond what they have here on planet Earth….

however, people just look for a reason to complain and claim they are being singled out when someone in a position of spotlight lives a very open lifestyle that others may not agree upon….

such is the case with Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts Coach Tony Dungy

Dungy is a devoutly Christian man and has made his ideals and beliefs that he lives in his life very open and public….

because of that, he is now being called out in a very public way for his desire to accept an award from the Indiana Family Institute as their "Friend of the Family"…

they are calling him out and asking him not to attend because of the Institutes' stance of opposition to same-sex marriages..

simply amazing how some people can't just live their lives without trying to point out how others views are in bipolar opposites of their own…

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