Toughest Sheriff in America

just got an email from a friend about a sheriff in Maricopa County Arizona… now, most *techie* people are classified as democrats and liberals because most believe the *religious right* is after their precious freedoms with things like the patriot act and other such atrocities…. i am not in that contingency. i believe the rights we have as americans come with a price, and if you aren't willing to pay that price, then move along and go live in france or some other place you feel doesn't infringe upon your rights so much…that is why i have chosen to include this story about this particular sheriff…not only do i believe the prison system in america is a joke (witnessed by the overcrowdedness in almost all jails across the nation) but i believe that the system does nothing to punish inmates but instead provides a breeding ground for even more hostilities and provides no way for the inmates to become rehabilitated…except possibly this jail in Arizona…

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has reduced meals to 40 cents per serving and charges inmates for them; he has banned smoking and porno magazines and took away the weights; has cut off all movies except "G" rated movies; he has also created chain gangs that do free work on county and city projects; took away cable tv until he was alerted of a FEDERAL law requiring cable tv (sponsored by democrats nonetheless) so he installed cable tv but only allowed the Disney Channel and the Weather Channel; he allowed the Weather Channel so they would know how hot it would be while working the chain gangs; when the inmates complained of his banning of coffee he simply replied "This isn't the Ritz/Carlton. If you don't like it here, don't come back."; he pumps Newt Gengrich lecture series through the pipes into the jails; when asked why no Democratic series, he replied that those Democratic lecture series might explain why they were in the jails in the first place; i could go on and on

now I know most of you are going to be just in utter shock from the *atrocities* of this local sheriff; you will call CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC and demand they do an investigation into the in-humane treatment of these criminals….however, have you ever just sat back and thought about why these inmates are in there in the first place? they are there by choice; they decided to perform an action that had been deemed unacceptable in the eyes of their local government…therefore, should we treat them as though they had no choice in the matter? should we try to explain away their actions as being the fault of someone else? should we blame society? their parents? relationships they had in the past? honestly, I don't think so.. if you can't be man enough to own up to responsibility of actions you yourself committed, then there are greater things wrong than your bad choice in the given instance….however, that is where the Democrats have taken our society..nothing is ever your fault….it is ALWAYS someone else that is to blame when you make a mistake or screw up….you should never have to take responsibility for your actions….that is inhumane….we can't have that now can we??

well, i will end my little diatribe for now….just the next time you think prisoners are being treated unfairly as portrayed on your local news, please get the entire story….be proactive and don't just believe what the liberal media is force feeding you or what the religious right is selling you…make some informed decisions on your own instead of letting someone else convince you that what they are selling is truth…b/c in reality that is what they are doing…selling you something….and unless you buy it, they have no job….also, the next time you think prisoners aren't getting a fair shake, think about how much you pay in taxes every year, every week, or every day at the grocery store….those taxes are going to pay for this "treatment" of those prisoners….they don't pay anything….they get pampered while you the hard working, moral citizen have to pay for their way….is it inhumane now???


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  • Geez, let me get you a push broom or a leaf blower, it will make your sweeping generalizations much quicker and easier. 😉

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