ok, we all know that some things in life are certainties…..

and the democrats hating W

now, how much do they hate W?
they hate him so much, that instead of pulling together in a time of need for a large portion of our country, they are sitting back taking pot shots at him and his administration…
for what?
well unless you have been in a turkish prison for a couple of weeks, i am referring to Hurricane Katrina and NO….
first you have the Rev. Jesse Jackson along with others claiming that aide was not handed out in a timely manner because the Bush Administration (and all Republicans of course) are racists…
Hmmm, ok, wasn't it the Democrats who nominated a Segragist Party candidate for VP in 1952?
Wasn't it a Republican (Reagan) who extended the Fair Voter's Act 25 years?
Wasn't it a Republican (W) who appointed the first African American female Secretary of State?
racists??? is that all the Democrats can think about right now?
can they not look in the mirror and see that for the past 60 years they have maintained a strangle hold on Louisiana and New Orleans??
do they not see that due to their own parties misappropriation of funds as well as ineptitude in leadership so many people in NO were not evacuated?
yes, they ordered a mandatory evacuation (12 hours before landfall)…
one problem….some 100,000 people who couldn't leave due to living in abject poverty were told to go to 6 shelters set up to protect and shelter them…
well, that really worked…..
then when that didn't work, instead of immediately asking for help, the mayor or NO as late 36 hours after landfall was saying, NO did NOT need help…
then just 12 hours later he too had jumped on the "woe is me I can't get help from W" bandwagon….

people say W didn't get this country prepared for another event such as 9/11….
i have a question for those people…..
weren't local and state governments given the resources they needed and the instruction they needed to put in place plans of emergency and actions that would be taken in times of crisis??
so, why is it W's fault??
why is he expected to be the babysitter for every local and state government in the country??
if that is the case, why even have local and state governments???
look, LA is prepared for the "Big One" because that know it is not if, but when….
NO should have been prepared for the "Big One", but the "Big Easy" was just that….Easy….
the local government went as far as to issue a report a couple of years ago that in the event of a major hurricane strike to our city….YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN as citizens…

comforting isn't it??
CNN probably reported that first thing right???
please people….if you want to make an educated judgement on something get all the facts….
should W get off scott free?? Why no…that isn't what I am abdicating here…
all I am saying is instead of trying to find someone to blame, find someone to help….


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  • Lets just put it this way. Bush took a week to visit Katrina because he was too busy chasing insurgents in Iraq. Bush and the rep. dont want a min. wage hike when its been at 5.15 Hr for the last 12 years. Bush has done nothing to improve education. The country is getting more stupid by the minute. He lied about not being briefed on Katrina and the leeves, they had it on tape and rep. still deny it. Im not a Dem. but its clear Bush is a bad pres. So much more, I can go on for days.

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