Watched the movie “Troy” over the weekend

The opening scene caught me from the beginning. However, although the story and action were *decent* I would only give the movie a 3 star on a scale of 5 rating. There were good scenes and then there were scenes where the action seemed to drag or the acting didn't seem to quite fill the holes left. Brian Cox played a GREAT King Agamemnon and the role of Hector played by Eric Bana was also very well done. Brad Pitt as Achilles showed the true feelings that an "immortal" trapped in a mortals body must have felt. He was very disenchanted by the idea of war but knew it was his calling and what he was born to do. However, his mortal emotions, as is always the case, get the better of him in the end. Paris played by Orlando Bloom was quite the fragile, feminie character that was very hard to remember. Overall the movie was entertaining and if not for that opening scene, then it could have been a much longer movie to sit through.