ok, so maybe you have heard about the city of New Haven, CT…
they have began issuing ID cards to illegal aliens so they can open bank accounts and use other services not normally allowed without a driver's license of other valid documents such as a Resident Alien Card….

why is this news?
well, for one, it violates Federal Law which has labeled the individuals a "illegal" in the first place…
there is a reason they are called "illegal"…
and in most cases where local municipalities have tried to step in and step on Federal Law the first time most citizens hear about it is when the ACLU makes a front-page splash on the national MSM papers…
not this time though…

the ACLU??? nowhere to be found….

2 thoughts on “ACLU AWOL

  • I thought the ACLU’s focus was civil liberties. Why would they get involved here on behalf of the federal government? Why would you want them to? Don’t you support the 10th Amendment?

  • Adam, my thought was the ACLU would step in to protect the civil liberties of the “legal” citizens of New Haven, CT. Do you think they don’t have a case here? What does it do to your “rights” as a legal citizen if “illegal” immigrants are getting rights that sometimes aren’t even available to legal citizens? What are the requirements for the illegal immigrants to receive these ID cards? As far as I can find, no requirements at all. I mean, how do you require someone who is here illegally to provide evidence they are here illegally??

    IMO, they are doing the Federal Government’s work for them by collecting evidence and registers of where these illegal immigrants are. I think other cities should do the same. Then provide those registers to the Federal Government to determine the process on how to get the illegals into the naturalization process or the process of deportation.

    You like that idea Adam?
    Or does that someone violate the illegal immigrants 10th Amendment?
    Have you seen the Hazleton ruling? What does it mean for the whole idea of the 10th Amendment? At least how you are applying the Constitution to illegal citizens of this country.

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