haditha “massacre” a hoax?

there is stunning new evidence to support the fact that the sensationalized "Haditha Massacres" may have been fabricated from the beginning….

A little bit of history for those not familiar with this particular incident:

Probing a Bloodbath: Newsweek

In Haditha, Memories of a Massacre: Washington Post

Why Haditha Matters: The Nation

Haditha Killings: Wikipedia

Haditha Accusations Unmasked

Haditha Bombshell – Intel Evidence

But how did this happen?

NCIS Misconduct Alleged in Haditha Probe

Now the questions remain, will Murtha apologize for his sensationalist remarks regarding the Marines suspected in the case?
Will the MSM even choose to comment on these new revelations?
Will the DBM care about this new evidence since it will obviously shine favorable light on the US Military, and we all know the DBM just LOVES the US Military?

Of course, the answer to the above questions are all NO.
And not one person will be held accountable for their portrayal of the US Marines as "murderers" and "executioners".

It is a sad, sad state of affairs in the US when the MSM cares more about how Muslim Terrorists feel and helping to protect them than protecting and helping the brave soldiers who sacrifice their lives daily for the freedoms we all enjoy each and every day.

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