muslim prayer in school

prayer in schools is not prohibited, no matter what the religion might be…

however, what if it were to make the front line news that a school employee had led a prayer in her classroom…
what do you believe the outcome would be?

should it matter if that school employee led a Christian prayer or a Muslim prayer?
no, based upon the rulings of the courts over the years, they have repeatedly applied the idea of "separation of church and state", something I have yet to find anywhere in the Constitution of this country, to say that school employees are banned from leading any type of religious activity on school property during normal school hours…

however, that is exactly what happened in this San Deigo school.

where is the ACLU?
where is all of the outrage from the MSM and the DBM??
are they asleep at the wheel?

odd don't you think that as we strive to completely tear down our country from within in the name multiculturalism, that we have completely turned a deaf ear to God…

we would rather appease the minority who are exploiting our own government for their advances then to take a stand for what made this country the great land of freedom and opportunity…

2 thoughts on “muslim prayer in school

  • The ACLU is a Semitic-based and Communist-based organization.
    It is their mission to help their Semitic brethren in their long-range plan.

    The ACLU has been keeping their Communist promise from their original spiritual leader, Communist Israel Cohen, “A Racial Programme for the 20th Century” (google that).

    So, they will give their brethren rights and take away the American majority’s who are Christian Gentiles.

    All unreported in the media of course.

    The ACLU, et al, will use their Semitic brethren as their soldiers to carry-out their program, to take America.

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