Sen. Durbin is at it again

At what point does the state of Illinois actually have someone who can run as a Republican candidate to oppose this imbecile?

Not only has he called American soldiers in the line of duty, Nazis from the Senate floor before, but today, he stated the he "wanted to be able to call American soldiers Nazis and war criminals without interference from the likes of Rush Limbaugh"…

Why is every Democrat so concerned with Rush?
Are they jealous of the amount of people who listen to one of the only sane people on the radio?
Do they wish there was some way they could be like Rush?

No, they don't want to "be like Rush", they can't find anyone to compete with him, so they are working to get rid of Rush.
How they are doing it is with the most horribly named piece of legislation that has already been implemented in this country before.
What happened with th e previous implementation?
It failed. And it was reversed and removed from law.
But, hey, the Democrats are VERY VERY good at failing, so they are trying to bring back the "Fairness Doctrine".

Good lord, I think I am going to puke.
Is there not one sane registered voter in Illinois???