so now this concerning FDT

the MSM has already repeatedly tried to slander and dismiss Fred Thompson as a possible concern in the 2008 Presidential race….BEFORE he even announces he will enter the race…

Democrats tear into Fred Thompson

Then the LA Times tried to take a stab at FDT

Now we have the NYTimes weighing in on the matter, with the most absurd thoughts so far on FDT

It appears that since they have tried and failed miserably to find anything to pin on FDT himself that would slow down his poll numbers (once again BEFORE making any official announcement), the MSM has now resorted to attacking his…..WIFE!

They actually expect it to be an issue that his wife is 24 years younger.
They actually expect it to be an issue when FDT had been divorced for over 20 years from his first wife before marrying his current wife.

Why should ANY of this matter at all to the MSM and the Democrats??
Isn't this the same MSM who glorifies EVERYTHING in Hollywood?

Just seems to me that they are grasping at straws at this point and hoping that one of them doesn't break.