wait, maybe the Dems are doing something

after all in the senate…

hat tip to RedState

Six months into the new Congress and Democrats have accomplished almost nothing for the country and continue to make one bad decision after the other.

They decided to redirect intelligence resources to study global warming, want to turn important U.S. nuclear weapons proliferation program over to United Nations control and have a senior Democratic Chairman threatening Members who question his earmarks on the House floor. Then you have Speaker Pelosi appointing Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA), in whose freezer authorities found $90,000 in cash and who has since been indicted on federal charges of racketeering, soliciting bribes and money-laundering, on a panel that oversees our national security.

But possibly the most ridiculous moments came today during an Appropriations Committee mark-up when Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) offered an amendment that raised concern about pet cats in public housing facilities that are being declawed.

Here’s the actual language of the amendment offered by Rep. Kaptur:

“The Committee is concerned about reports that some Public Housing Authorities are requiring residents to declaw their pet cats, although HUD regulations do not contain such a requirement. Declawing is a painful procedure for pets which is almost never medically or behaviorally necessary. The Committee urges HUD to notify all PHAs that declawing is not required in public housing under HUD policy. The Committee further encourages HUD to consider adding an additional provision to section 960.707 (c) that would prohibit PHAs from requiring declawing.”

The Committee actually spent time debating whether cats in public housing should or shouldn’t be declawed.

This is not what the American people send us up here to do.

But hey, who says the Democrats aren’t doing anything?