what did brown do for bush?

Gordon Brown, the new British Prime Minister, is meeting with President Bush at Camp David for the first time since he took office and replaced the long-time, Bush-confidant Tony Blair.
Many Democrats had believed the rhetoric in the British gossip magazines that Brown was different than Blair and had even hinted at withdrawing British troops from Iraq this year.
However, in the first news conference during the meeting Brown probably sent Dingy Harry and Purse-Strings Pelosi into cardiac arrest.
Along with all the other anti-war advocates in the Democratic Party.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown told President Bush Monday he shares the U.S. view that there are “duties to discharge and responsibilities to keep” in Iraq. “Our aim, like the United States is, step-by-step, to move control to the Iraqi authorities,” Brown said, joining Bush at a news conference at the president’s Maryland mountaintop ranch.

Brown said that decisions about troops would only be made “on the military advice of our commanders on the ground,” echoing language often heard from Bush.

Did you catch that Dingy and Purse-Strings??
Brown said he would listen to people who were actually fighting the fight in Iraq.
Not some liberal journalist sent over to Iraq to report bogus stories about troop disgraces and other atrocities of the U.S. Armed Forces.
Shocking that someone else listens to the Commanders as well.
Maybe he is just as "ignorant" as President Bush.
Or maybe, just maybe, they aren't the ignorant ones after all. Hmmm…..