would they have allowed Hitler to speak?

more than likely they would…

i don't understand the academia world anymore at all in this country…

Columbia University will allow Iran's President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to speak at the World Leaders Forum

this is the same man who has stated repeatedly that Israel should be wiped off the face of the planet and that the Holocaust was a "myth"…
good lord this country is going to hell in a hand basket..

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  • “this is the same man who has stated repeatedly that Israel should be wiped off the face of the planet ”

    Um, when did he state this repeatedly, if at all? In 2005 a questionable translation of a speech he gave uses the phrase “wiped off the map” – a translation he quickly condemned and clarified his remarks.

    And since then, Iran has been moving towards trying to reconcile with the US. Why on earth would we not let him speak?

  • Adam, Adam, Adam…..Sometimes I just continue to be amazed by the depths to which Liberalism has penetrated into this country.

    So, let me guess, you think that if we are cordial to Ahmadinejad and give him an escorted tour of Ground Zero that he is going to somehow change his mind, his in-born view of the Jews, and his stance on the Holocaust as a “myth”?

    You say that ever since he is trying to reconcile with the US. Can you give me these instances where he has publicly shown he is trying to reconcile? Do you think that it all is just a publicity stunt to get “close” the US to use the information he might learn and take it back to his new best friend Vladimir Putin?

    Why are the Liberals in this country so entrenched in this idea that “talking about our problems will solve them”? Can you give me one instance in history where simply talking about problems solved them? Don’t say ending the Cold War either. Russia imploded internally and Gorbachev knew that. Talking didn’t solve that problem.

    Talking about issues only gives the individual more skilled at propaganda the opportunity to sway public opinion toward their supposed plight. They aren’t living in plight. They are trying to brainwash the world into believing their way of Muslim or Death is the way it should be. How is THAT open-minded? We, as the US are to be open-minded, but the Muslims can do whatever they want and we have to accept it?

    Wonderful plan Adam. Wonderful.

    And now we have this Columbia Dean said they would have surely invited Hitler to speak

    Adam, want to defend that one? I am sure you have some Liberal-speak that would convince some to come listen to him, right?

  • Well, quoting the man correctly might be a good start, and laying off the ad hominem attacks might be another.

    Why am I suddenly a liberal? Pat Buchanan was on CNN a couple days ago saying that Ahmadinejad should have been allowed to visit Ground Zero, and that President Reagan would have agreed.

    Right now, Iran has a large pro-Western undercurrent, especially among the youth. We should do what we did with Eastern Europe and what we’re doing with China now – engage them culturally, with the confidence that the ideals of inalienable rights and democracy will prove more persuasive than fear.

    Ahmadinejad wrote a public letter to President Bush asking for reconciliation, and has always expressed empathy for the victims of the 9/11 attacks and a desire for better relations between our two countries. There’s no question he has ulterior motives, but we should take advantage of this opportunity to help nudge Iran in the right direction.

    Letting him speak costs us nothing. Talking to our enemies is called “diplomacy” and has a long storied history throughout several millenniums. And yes, I would see a Hitler speech – in fact I’ve seen several of them on film. If we’re going to win an war of ideology, its absolutely crucial to listen to enemy propaganda.

  • Sure, the political leaders of the day should listen to enemy propaganda, but should the news outlets of the day broadcast the parading of Ahmadinejad around Ground Zero to the entire country? Should they air snippets of his speeches that you know will be aimed to garner sympathy for his country’s plight as well?

    We both know that this is exactly what will happen. I agree that diplomacy is a good tool, however propaganda is not. No matter if the enemy or the friend is using it.

  • Yes, they should air snippets of speeches given by important foreign leaders. Doing so gives both the media outlets and America as a whole credibility. If they refused to do so, Ahmadinejad would cry censorship and use it as yet another tool against America.

    Our target audience here is the Iranians who are on the fence about America or anti-Americans who can be persuaded to get on the fence. Responding positively to Ahmadinejad’s (probably insincere) attempts to play nice helps us there.

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