RazorPicks 2009 – Week 1 Results

Top 10 Things I Read From Week 1 of College Football

  1. Was anything more anti-climatic and boring to watch than the first two games of the year with NC State and South Carolina providing 10 points … total. Then the smurf turf in Boise just made that game more difficult to watch. Thank goodness Blount from Oregon gave us something to talk about.
  2. Let's just say Ohio State was looking ahead to the Trojans this week and totally disregarded the Midshipmen from Navy. We can assume they will be ready for USC Saturday night in the Horseshoe. Right??
  3. How about the Hawkeyes needing not one, but two blocked FG attempts in the final seconds to hold off pesky Northern Iowa. Boy this Big 10 conference is really good this year.
  4. Lane Kiffin got a cupcake for his first game and he responded kind of like former UT coach Phillip Fullmer would have at an all-day $5.99 Kryspy Kreme buffet table. Kiffin was still throwing TD passes in the 4th up by 6 TDs. You stay classy Lane Kiffin.
  5. Charlie Weis made it through the opener unscathed and racked up a shut out of Nevada. Don't worry though, reality will set in soon in South Bend.
  6. The Cowboys in Stillwater finally woke up and discovered that they could play with an very inept offensive team in the Bulldogs from Georgia. Good thing, b/c they were in for a very rude start to the year had they not.
  7. Bobby Petrino finally got his QB. Arkansas leads the nation in passing offense. And Frank Broyles didn't die from heart failure as Arkansas set the single game passing record with 447 yards through the air. That won't be the most passing yards in a game this year. Trust me.
  8. Mark Ingram is your new poster boy for the Crimson Tide from Alabama. Rushing for a career high 150 yards against Ginny Tech is no small task. And scoring 2 4th quarter TDs isn't either. The Bama D limited the Hokies to 155 yards. Wow.
  9. Folks in Oxford got a preview of how Hootie coaches when he is the favorite. There were no fingernails left at halftime with the score 17 – 7 Rebels. 7 of those points coming courtesy of the Defense. Snead look horrible and the Rebels finally put away Memphis very late. Parental warnings may need to accompany Rebel games this year.
  10. And of course, the biggest story of the opening weekend wasn't about any game at all. Instead it is whether or not the shoulder of Sam Bradford is damaged beyond repair or if it is just a strain. My guess is they are covering in Norman and eventually it will be announced Bradford is done for the season. He IS the QB. And it WAS his right shoulder. And he IS right handed. You get the picture.

Brick of the Week
So I was all ready to fall on the sword and take the BOTW with my horrible Nevada over Notre Dame pick. Especially since the Irish won in a shutout. However, Tucker and Chaz ruined that when they also picked the Wolfpack to win in South Bend. Then, in a move that is completely hard to understand, Chaz actually picked Western Kentucky to beat Tennessee. I had to look back and double check that pick but it clearly states Western Kentucky. So, when the Vols rolled the Hilltoppers by the tune of 63 – 7, Chaz wins the BOTW easily. Congratulations Chaz!

Pick of the Week
First and foremost, NO ONE picked BYU to knock out Sam Bradford. And NO ONE picked the Cougars to beat the Sooners either. 🙂 Therefore, the POTW this week would have to fall to the next game that most people were incorrect on. That games was the Okie State vs Jaw-Ja game. 9 people actually picked the Cowboys from Stoolwater to beat the Bulldogs. Those 9 then are awarded the POTW collectively. Those individuals are: Chaz (double whammy), Jarrod, Amber, Lee, Brian, Jason S, Jason W, Jessica and Jamey. Congratulations folks!

Champion of the Week
Considering that this is the first week and typically the games are one-sided, this first week of the 2009 season was an anomaly to say the least. The upset by BYU over OU pretty much threw a monkey wrench in everything. The average number of correct picks out of 10 for the group this week was 7.4. There were 5 individuals however, who correctly picked 9 winners correct, all of them missing the BYU over BlowU game. In the tiebreaker, it came down to the slimmest of margins. The winner for week one of the COTW goes to Mr. Ben "Did you know Arkansas has a state butterfly?" Gilbert! Congratulations Paco!

Actual Game Scores
Oregon 8
Boise State 19

Missouri State 10
Arkansas 48

Georgia 10
Oklahoma State 24

Nevada 0
Notre Dame 35

BYU 14
Oklahoma 13

North Dakota 13
Texas Tech 38

New Mexico 6
Texas A&M 41

Western Kentucky 7
Tennessee 63

Maryland 13
California 52

Alabama 34
Virginia Tech 24

Standings After Week 1
9 – 1
Ben Gilbert (9)
Jessica Leija (10)
Jason Wesson (17)
Jason Shirey (29)
Brian Mashburn (30)

8 – 2
Jonathan Butcher
Jonathan Patterson
Alex Rowland
Gene Strode
Jamey Vaught
Carroll Walls
Steven Leija

7 – 3
Lisa Hill
Jerry Tucker
Lance Williams
Tammy Tucker
Lee Smith
Travis Stout
Amber Shirey
Charles Hopkins

6 – 4
Jarrod Fannin
April Mashburn
Damon Hill

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