2010 RazorPicks Week 1 Results

Well, Week 1 is in the books and we are off to a rousing start with the pick-ems. Typically the best results are posted the first couple of weeks of the season, so those of you below the curve, you have a LOT of ground to make up 🙂

Things we might have leaned from week 1??

  1. Boise State will continue to get way too much praise for this ONE win while going undefeated against High School teams in the Northwest.
  2. Michigan vs Notre Dame actually has two undefeated teams playing this week for the first time since … I can't remember.
  3. Another Big East team is way over-rated. Shocking. Thanks Pitt for reminding us.
  4. Either a) Oregon has the best offense in the country or b) New Mexico should give up college football all-together.
  5. Houston Nutt is really, really, really lucky to get Jeremiah Masoli. Too bad the rest of his team is pitiful. Jack Crowe, all is forgiven.

Pick of the Week
This one is a no-brainer folks. If I hadn't actually seen the pick and knew she wasn't joking, I would never have believed it. However, her disgust for all things Hootie led her to pick quite possibly the upset of the year and receive maybe the Pick of the Year in week 1 of the Pick-em. For her pick of Jacksonville State to beat Ole Miss, Tammy "Stop, Drop, And" Tucker is awarded the POTW. Wow. Way to start the year Tam.

Brick of the Week
This one was a simple pick as well for week 1. I almost hate to give her the award because I know that in all honesty, had I not been ribbing her pretty bad on Saturday morning, she probably wouldn't have made the pick. However, she did and it is in stone now. So, the BOTW goes to Shavon "Colt McCoy is my Homeboy" Ritter for her pick of Tennessee Tech to upend Arkansas. They did lead 3 – 0 Shavon if that is any consolation 🙂

Champion of the Week
We had three of the contestants pick 9 out of the 10 games correctly. Thus we had to go to the tiebreaker. For those not familiar with the tiebreaker, we take the absolute difference between the scores you picked for each team and add them up to give you a tie-break score. This week, the three tie-break scores were: 8, 25, and 29. Therefore, the winner of the Week 1 Pick-Em was none other than my lovely bride, Mrs. Lisa "Don't Call me a Push-Over The" Hill. Congratulations honey! 🙂

Actual Game Scores

Illinois 13
Missouri 23
Texas 34
Rice 17
Purdue 12
Notre Dame 23
Kansas State 31
Tennessee Tech s
Arkansas 44
Oregon State 21
TCU 30
Stephen F. Austin 7
aTm 48
Jacksonville State 49
Ole Miss 48 2OT
LSU 30
North Carolina 24
Boise State 33
Virginia Tech 30

Week 1 Standings

Lisa 9 – 1 (8)
Tammy 9 – 1 (25)
Steven 9 – 1 (28)
April 8 – 2
Jonathan B 8 – 2
Ben 8 – 2
Jason N 8 – 2
Jason W 8 – 2
Damon 7 – 3
Darlene 7 – 3
Gene 7 – 3
Jeremiah 7 – 3
Justin 7 – 3
Jarrod 7 – 3
Alex 7 – 3
Jon M 7 – 3
Carroll 6 – 4
Jerry 6 – 4
Lance 6 – 4
Brian M 6 – 4
Jason S 6 – 4
Shavon 4 – 6