2010 RazorPicks — Week 10 My Picks

Here are my picks for week 10:

  1. NC State 27 @ Clemson 21 — The Wolfpack have played extremely well this year on the road. They won at Georgia Tech and at Boston College. They got a gift last Thursday night when Christian Ponder fumbled what would have been the game winning throw on the Wolfpack 6 late in the fourth quarter. Clemson on the other hand seemed to be playing"better" until last week when they were shut down completely by Boston College on the road. Hard to figure this team out really. They could win easily or get shut out. I expect a great game and NC State coming out on top in the end.
  2. Illinois 38 @ Michigan 41 — I think the Wolverines find a way to beat the Zooker in the Big House this weekend. Their defense is just abysmal, but I think that Shoelace will be enough to get the over the top in the end in what will be a very entertaining game in Ann Arbor.  Zook has the Illini playing extremely well (for the Big 10) but I don't think they will be able to outscore the Wolverines in the final quarter. Comeback will be big for the Wolverines.
  3. Baylor 45 @ Okie State 49 — In another matchup where defense will be optional, I completely expect a very high scoring affair in Stillwater when the Bears and Cowboys hook up. Blackmon is back for the Cowboys and Griffin is playing tremendously for the Bears. Look for there to be a football game scheduled and a track meet breaks out.
  4. Alabama 21 @ LSU 20 — This game will be an instant classic. I don't genuinely think that LSU will score 20 points on the Bama defense, but the game is in Death Valley (though not at night and the locals are NONE to happy about that, by the way), and The Hat is still on the sidelines for the Tigers. He somehow finds a way to be in every stinking game they play this year. If not for ONE blown play in the Auburn game, we would have seen OT. But Mcalleb made sure that didn't happen with his big 4th quarter run. Look for Ingram or Richardson to have another big run this week and the Tide to eek out a hard fought, smash-mouth game in the Bayou.
  5. Oklahoma 42 @ aTm 28 — While OU has struggled on the road this year, I don't look for it to be a problem for them this week in College Station. It will be a different matchup for the OU defense though as Tannehill will get the start over the hot-cold-hot-cold-very cold-sub-zero Johnson at QB for the Aggies. All Tannehill did last week was come in for Johnson and throw for a school record 449 yards in leading the Aggies to their second straight victory over their arch-nemesis Red Raiders from Lubbock.  Landry Jones and Demarco Murray should have monster games this weekend.
  6. Arkansas 38 @ South Carolina 28 — So, South Carolina's pass defense is ranked 105 out of 120 FBS schools. They give up an average of 260 yards per game. On average. Arkansas pass offense is ranked #2 in the country averaging 360 yards per game. Arkansas run defense is ranked 78 allowing 168 yards per game. South Carolinas rush offense is ranked 62 averaging 152 yards per game. So it will be which team can play to its strengths the best. I don't think that South Carolina can stop the passing game at all from Mallet even w/out Greg Childs. I think Mallet gets close to breaking his school record of 409 yards again. I think Lattimore will have some big runs, but it won't be enough. In the end, the Hogs get a HUGE win on the road and move closer to an improbable BCS bid.
  7. Missouri 35 @ Texas Tech 24 — Tech is having a big transition year. It is hard to go from a major system coach to a real coach in West Texas. But have faith Red Raiders, Big Ears will build you a program if you give him time. He will get big time talent in there and you will have a defense for once in your program's history. Just hope Tubbs stays there long enough to build it and doesn't run off to the SEC again at the first chance. Mizzou rolls here.
  8. Arizona State 24 @ USC 48 – It is hard to know what to expect with Arizona State. They win at Washington by 10 then just get obliterated by Cal on the road by 33 points. Then they manhandle hapless Wazzu 42 – 0 at home. One thing that is for certain though, Half-Monty will give up some points. So look for another high scoring affair, where Matt Barkley shines and Dennis Erickson wonders what in the world he is doing all over again.
  9. Texas 24 @ K-State 28 – Yes, I am going to say that for the first time in the Mack Brown era, the Shorthorns will be below .500 overall. They will struggle again against a sub-par opponent on the road and Bill Snyder's magic will be just enough for the Wildcats to get the win. Man, it is just going to be wonderful down in Austin. Good thing Texas convinced all those suckers to stay in the Texas 10 with them, and let them have their own TV network, and let them let ESPN pay them truck loads of money to carry their games. Man, you guys in the Texas 10 need to grow a spine.
  10. TCU 24 @ Utah 27 – In a game that will have every announcer and analyst that is on the ESPN payrolls just tingly with excitement and anticipation, the Mountain West will get its showcase game once and for all. TCU is a great, great defensive team. However, Utah has flown under the radar for quite a while now. Whittingham took over for Meyer and it doesn't appear that the wins have slowed down at all for the Utes. Whittingham is 56 – 17 in his tenure in Salt Lake. Look for it to be cold. Look for it to be a hard-hitting mid-major game. And look for the winner to be in prime position to whine when they don't get invited to the BCS Championship game. Oh the drama.