2010 RazorPicks Week 3 – My Picks

Here are my picks for the week 3 games:

  1. #12 Arkansas 34 @ Georgia 13
    Ryan Mallett rectifies some of his road woes. Georgia isn't just going to magically find offense by changing stadiums (w/out AJ Green). Hogs make a statement today.
  2. Baylor 24 @ #4 TCU 35
    As tempting as it is to pick Griffin and the Bears, I just think the Horned Frog D will be ready for a BIG test today. In Fort Worth the Frogs win.
  3. #6 Texas 20 @ Texas Tech 28
    This is going to be a very intriguing game. I think Gilbert will be rattled on the road in a hostile environment. I think Tubbs will have the Raiders ready to go. In the end, the Raiders upend the Shorthorns once again.
  4. #10 Florida 27 @ Tennessee 10
    This game will be close for a while. However, it appears Brantley may have found his game in the second half of the South Florida game. If so, Dooley and the Vols are in trouble.
  5. Mississippi State 16 @ #15 LSU 17
    Where is LSU going to find offense? Will the two QB system work for BOTH of these teams? Who blinks first? I think the State D and the woeful LSU offense will set this up to be ANOTHER classic finish. Big Hat Miles seat gets hotter.
  6. Clemson 24 @ #16 Auburn 27
    The Aubie D is not deep, so can they hold up under the onslaught from Parker and the visiting Tigers? Can the Clemson D stop Cam Newton? This is a great, great matchup of very equal teams thus far. The edge then goes to the home team.
  7. Vanderbilt 13 @ Mississippi 14
    I said at the start of the year, Ole Miss would be last in the SEC West. Unless they can get this win at home against a decent Vandy team at home, they may not win any SEC games. It will be a struggle, but somehow Hottie pulls a win out.
  8. Notre Dame 24 @ Michigan State 20
    Even at home, I don't think the Spartans have the ability to beat an improving Irish team. They were upended at home in the closing minutes by Robinson and the Wolverines. Sparty doesn't have that mobile QB. Irish win.
  9. Arizona State 27 @ #11 Wisconsin 34
    Giving up 20 points to Northern Arizona doesn't instill confidence in your defense for the Sun Devils. Looks like the Wolverines will continue to bolster their record with easy wins. Big Ten WAY overrated still.
  10. #9 Iowa 26 @ #24 Arizona 24
    The biggest question for the Hawkeyes is can they keep Stanzi upright and playing for the entire game. If they do, they have a very good chance to win. Should he go down, they are doomed, not only in this game, but the rest of the season. Zona hits him, but he gets back up and a late FG wins it for the Hawkeyes in the Valley of the Sun.