2010 RazorPicks Week 8 My Picks

Alright, here they are:

  • North Carolina 20 @ Miami (FL) 17 — Butch Davis is in quite possibly the worst situation in college football today. More than likely this is a swan song not only for him, but for AD Dick Baddour. Someone's heads are going to roll for the calamity that is UNC football, and they will start at the top. Putting that aside, North Carolina has won 4 in a row. They take on a TO-prone Miami team that just isn't impressive at all yet. Look for the UNC defense to be the difference here in South Florida.
  • Georgia Tech 24 @ Clemson 27 – Georgia Tech is really the only one of these teams with a shot at returning to the ACC Championship game (which isn't really saying alot for Clemson). However, I still can't get out of my mind the thrashing the Yellow Jackets took at home to NC State a couple of weeks ago. Man that game was ugly. It just showed me that the Jackets will have a tough time stopping the RB Duo of Harper and Ellington for the Tigers who are very, very good. Clemson wins in a close, close game.
  • #13 Wisconsin 17 @ #15 Iowa 24 – It's Big 10 football. It won't be pretty. It won't even be entertaining. But it IS Big 10 football. Look for the Hawkeyes to be ready and for the Badgers to have a letdown from that emotional win last weekend @ Camp Randall over #1 Ohio State. Ferentz is a better coach than Bielema and it shows today. Boring football folks.
  • Ole Miss 13 @ #23 Arkansas 38 – The questions on everyone's mind is if the Razorback Defense is really THAT bad, is Cam Newton really THAT good, or was it just a BAD day for defense and a GOOD day for offense last week on the Plains? Either way, look for a re-focused (hopefully) Razorback team to be ready to handle their old coach this year. It will be over quickly I believe as the Hogs wills score on their first 3 possessions and Ole Miss won't be able to play catchup with their anemic passing game.
  • #22 K-State 28 @ Baylor 35 – Yeah, I know that up until 2 weeks ago K-State was undefeated. They are still 5 – 1 overall, but that is a fluke if you ask me. Look for Baylor to run roughshod over that Wildcat defense at home and look for Baylor to become bowl eligible this weekend. Sic em Bears.
  • #16 Nebraska 31 @ #14 Okie State 21 – Look for Taylor Martinez to bounce back this week, mainly because his receivers have learned how to hang onto the ball. 3 dropped potential TD passes against the Shorthorns last week didn't help the cause one bit. The Blackshirt defense, if it is worth it's salt, will be ready as well. Okie State can light up a scoreboard with the best of them, but look for this game to be tough sledding for the Cowboy O.
  • Texas Tech 31 @ Colorado 27 – Tech is an enigma this year. They play well, then stink it up. They play well, then REALLY stink it up. Since they played horrific last week at home against Okie State, look for them to bounce back against the Hawk and play well. Big Ears is slowly molding this program into his own. It will take a little longer, but they will get there eventually. Question is, will defense win championships in the Little XII??
  • Notre Dame 35 @ Navy 17 – Notre Dame is showing promise for first year coach Kelley. They have more discipline and are more balanced. Amazing what a real coach can do huh Irish? Anyways, they play another military academy and come out on the top … again.
  • #1 Oklahoma 42 @ #11 Missouri 17 – Mizzou better revel in the fact that College Gameday is in town. It will be the only victory they will have this weekend. I am still in awe at the lofty ranking that the Tigers have in the computer polls. It's okay though as reality is about to set in. In a Big Big way. Sooners roll in Columbia.
  • Georgia 38 @ Kentucky 35 – Georgia is a completely different team with AJ Green and their offense is really starting to come around now. Look for them to be able to score on Kentucky. The question is, will they be able to hold off a Kentucky second half surge? The Wildcats have done it each week this year and don't expect that to change. The Bulldogs do however hold on and get the win to right the ship a little more in Athens.
  • #5 LSU 27 @ #4 Auburn 24 – This one should be a great, great game. Cam Newton finally faces a TRUE SEC defense when the Bayou Tigers come to town. John Chavis is a master at Defense and he will have the schemes and the players in place to stop the Heisman chances of Newton on the Plains. There will be a LOT of hitting on the field and only one Tiger will remain standing. And if you wonder how I could pick LSU?? How in the world, especially this year, do you pick against The Hat???