2010 RazorPicks Week 8 Results

Alright so Week 8 is in the books. And boy, was it an interesting week to say the least. Let's look at 5 things that stood out to me:

  1. So a couple of things that will be answered this week are: a) is Missouri that good or is Oklahoma that bad? b) and is the Little XII South really this weak? Missouri ran through what was believed to be a very good OU defense in Columbia on Saturday evening. And the Missouri Defense intercepted Landry "Don't hate on the 'stache" Jones 2 times and held DeMarco Murray in check by only allowing him 49 yards on the ground. But the odds were against the Sooners. It was raining. It was a night. OU was going for 7 in a row against Pinkle. Fate just wasn't on their side. Missouri will get to show what they are made of for real now though as they travel to Lincoln, NE on Saturday. Hello, Taylor Martinez.
  2. Cam Newton. While I don't like the young man, and certainly have questioned his understanding of the law regarding taking things that don't belong to you, I will have to admit the kid can flat out play football. He made the SEC's best run defense and the 5th best run defense in the county look down right juvenile. LSU was giving up an average of 84 yards per game on the ground. Newton, BY HIMSELF, ran for 217. As a TEAM, Auburn ran for 440 yards. Yes, those mathematically challenged among you, that is 5x their normal amount or rushing yards allowed for the LSU D. So, while he still has several games to play (on the road) Cam Newton is most definitely the Heisman front-runner at the 8 week point of the season and no one is even in the rear-view mirror (even Patrick Peterson).
  3. Michigan State could be the "charmed" team this year. Already they have pulled a fake FG in double OT at home to upend the Fighting Irish. Now they found themselves down 17 – 0 at Northwestern. Yes, Northwestern. So what did they do? Oh just rally to take the lead on an amazing deflected, tipped again, and then the one-hand circus catch by B.J. Cunnigham that capped the furious comeback by Sparty. The going doesn't get any easier for the Spartans where they travel to Iowa City and are a 6.5 point … underdog??? Wow. Still no respect.
  4. Just how good is the Oregon Ducks' offense? Well, we may not fully know until they play an actual defense in possibly the BCS Championship game. Until then they will continue to put up gaudy numbers against a horrific PAC-10 defensive effort week in and week out. This week they travel to the Coliseum to face Half-Monty and the not-so-mighty Trojans. In their first game ever as the AP #1 team in the country, Oregon put up 60 points, 312 passing yards, 270 rushing yards in only 21:29 in TOP. Oregon has just been downright rude at home this year. In going 4 – 0 they are outscoring opponents 63.3 to 11.0. They have scored 33 TDs to their opponents 5 and are averaging an eye-popping 649 ypg. Wow! These guys are better than the video game!
  5. So, how do you not talk about what happened down in Austin, Texas this past Saturday. For the second consecutive home game, Texas was embarrassed and handily beaten by a MUCH inferior team AT HOME. (LOVE IT). This week it wasn't storied UCLA who came into Austin and went away with the win. No, it was that other ballyhooed program from the Big XII North that derailed the mighty burnt orange express … Iowa State?!?! Wow. It is just really hard to fathom that, but yep, the team ranking LAST in total Offense and total Defense in the Little XII actually took Texas apart and led 28 – 6 entering the 4th quarter. Texas was able to add two TDs in the 4th, but the game wasn't really as close as the 7 point final score. Amazing really. This is the same Iowa State team who had been beaten in its two previous games by a combined 120 to 27. Woowzer. However, I will give Mack Brown credit because he absolutely, positively nailed it when he said that his "players and coaches have a sense of entitlement." Wow Mack, it took you this long to figure out Texas has a superiority complex?? Good think you are a fast learner. It only took 11 1/2 years to figure it out. Brilliant my man. Brilliant.

Pick of the Week

Well, if you have taken a gander at the game results page then you can probably guess who the winner of this particular award is this week. Out of all the contestants this individual was the only one who game Gary Pinkel and the Mizzou Tigers a shot to end their 6-game losing streak to OU. Apparently this person knew more than the rest of us or just likes to pick underdogs. Either way, for that pick, the POTW for Week 8 goes to Mr. Jason "Just can't Stand OU is All" Shirey. Congratulations bud (sorry 'bout the Phils).

Brick of the Week

Well, while at the time it sure seemed like a great pick for the upset, now looking back, it doesn't really look all that great actually. I mean you had North Carolina winners of 4 in a row going to Miami to take on the Hurricanes who were having ALL kinds of trouble holding on to the ball and had just been whipped up and down the field for rival Florida State. So, you're thinking Butch Davis has this whole NCAA Controversy thing down pat and it isn't distracting them at all. Yeah, like I said, sounded good until the game and when the dust cleared Miami had beaten the Tar Heels by 23! Yikes. Oh well. Therefore the BOTW goes to Mr. Jake "Hey, defense wins championships, right?" Monden, Mr. Alex "Tough week for OU" Rowland, Mrs. Jessica "I can't believe I picked against Mizzou", and Mr. Damon "Hey at least Texass AND OU lost" Hill. Enjoy.

Champion of the Week

As the games continue to get harder and harder, it is becoming more and more clear who is the lucky guessers among the group. Just kidding. There are actually some very knowledgeable people in regards to college football out there, but I don't think any of them are in our contest. There were quite a few people though that did extremely well this week by picking 8 out of the 11 games correctly. I believe we had 5 people actually pull that off. An of those five, we actually had an individual pick the tiebreak game correctly AND picked the score, DEAD ON. That means they most definitely win with a tiebreak score of 0. Sorry Jess, a tiebreak score of 3 is pretty amazing as well. But, Week 8 COTW goes to none other than Mr. Lee "I need the distraction from the pending birth of my third child and first girl" Smith. Congratulations my dear friend!

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