2010 RazorPicks — Week 9 Results

Alright, here are the results for Week 9 of RazorPicks, and as always:

A Few Things We Learned in Week 9

  • Reality set in for a few BCS Championship contenders. Nebraska's Helu Jr. made sure in the first quarter that Mizzou's BCS dreams were completely destroyed with his unbelievable performance. And at the same time, the Hawkeyes were making Kirk Cousins and Mark Dantonio's life just plain miserable in Iowa City. Both previously undefeated teams were ceremoniously bounced and therefore throwing into an even great quandary the broken system that is the BCS.
  • Oregon showed just how far USC has fallen in such a very short period of time. The Trojans were able to hang with the Ducks for about 2 1/4 quarters. After taking a 32 – 29 lead, the Trojans were then blitzed for 24 straight points as the Ducks just sailed right by them. The lack of depth for USC is only going to get worse as the sanctions just pile up and bury the Trojans. Good luck out there Lane. You are going to need it my friend.
  • Jake Locker is having the year to forget. It was supposed to be the year he and the Huskies returned to the national spotlight and challenged Oregon for the PAC-10 title. Yeah, things aren't exactly going as planned. As a matter of fact Locker and Washington were shut out at home for the first time since 1976 against Stanford, and it was the worst offensive performance by a Husky team in 37 years. Oh, btw, Andrew Luck, he is very, very good, and very, very smart. He goes to Stanford after all folks.
  • Yeah, that "trap game" that so many predicted for Cam Newton and the Tigers as they traveled to Oxford, MS to take on the Ole Miss Rebel Black Bears (sorry, but I chuckle every time I write that), never materialized. Someone forgot to tell Gus Malzahn. He probably had this date circled on his calendar ever since Newton stepped foot on campus. The Tigers roared to a 51 – 17 lead early in the 4th and coasted to a 51 – 31 win over the Rebel Black Bears (chuckle). Newton is sailing to a showdown with the Saban D of Bama in the Iron Bowl. Should be one for the ages.
  • Of course, I can't go without talking about what happened down in Austin, TX. It is just so amazingly brilliant that I just can't pass up the opportunity.  After trailing 19 – 10 in the third quarter, Baylor clawed their way back to take a 30 – 19 lead in the 4th. They then held off Texas and won against the Longhorns for the first time since 1997. It was also the third consecutive loss at home for the Longhorns. The best part was the retiring of Colt McCoy's #12 jersey before the game. Colt lost only 2 home games in his seemingly 10 years in Austin. Garret Gilbert has now lost 3 home games, in his first season. Wow.

Brick of the Week

Well, it wan't a blowout by any means in the BOTW candidate game. However, when you are the only one to go against the grain, the game is a conference game, you pick the home team, and they lose? You are probably going to get the dubious honor for that week. So, therefore, the BOTW goes to Mr. Jason "It had to happen eventually, right" Nelligan for his pick of K-State to knock off the Cowpokes from Stillwater in Manhattan. It didn't happen and therefore he gets the award for week 9. Enjoy my friend 😉

Pick of the Week

This one was a great pick, IMO. As bad as the defense was for this visiting team, the home team's offense had been equally if not more so, anemic. So to think that the defense for the Nitny Lions was going to be able to stop Shoelaces AND that their offense was going to be able to put up 41 points was quite a stretch to say the least. But guess what? Both things happened in State College, PA last Saturday night. Coming into the game, the most points the Nitny Lions offense had scored was 44, and that was against FCS opponent Youngstown State. So putting up 41 was monumental to say the least. For picking JoePa to pull out the win gets you POTW honors and they go to Mr. Jason "Got to tie those shoelaces" Shirey and Dr. Brian "Don't diss the JoePa" Mashburn. Congratulations guys.

Champion of the Week

So this week, the picks were much better (comparitavely). The average correct was 5.08. So, it is getting better considering this year the games are MUCH more difficult than in years past. This week we had 4 individuals correctly pick 7 of the games correctly. So taking into account the tiebreak score, we had tiebreak scores of 4, 10, 11, and 33. And, for at least the second time and possibly the third time, we have a repeat winner. She is just tearing it up (when she doesn't ask her husband for advice that is). Therefore, the winner of week 9 with a record of 7 – 3 and a tiebreak score of 4 is Mrs. Lisa "I hate Notre Dame" Hill. Congratulations Honey!

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