auburn not impressive

so, the next game for the razorbacks will be on the plains in Auburn next saturday, October 7….

tonight, Auburn is playing in Columbia, S.C. against the Gamecocks and Spurrier….

so far, not impressed AT ALL..

with some 1:50 left in the game, it is Auburn 24 SC 17….
SC is driving for the score to tie up the game….

Newton for SC has been the difference thus far…
He is a typical Slash QB for the Gamecocks and his feet have saved him more than his arm has…

Under 1 minute to go now….
4th and 1 for SC at the Auburn 5….
Play of the game right here…..
Newton jump ball in the endzone….
Incomplete pass….
Newton should have checked down to the other side of the field….

Auburn will survive….
Final Score
Auburn 24
South Carolina 17

I look forward to next Saturday down on the plains now….


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