Beverley shines in U-19 tourney

While playing for the U.S. silver medal team in the U-19 tournament, Patrick Beverley really shined.
His stats for the tournament were:

Patrick Beverley, 6-1, G, Arkansas, So., 13 ppg, 5.3 rpg, 31 steals, 29 assists, 10 turnovers, 54.4 percent, 39.4 percent on 3s, 27.8 mpg:

That is a 2.9:1 assist to turnover ratio, 3.4 steals per game and those 5.3 rebounds per game, from a 6-1″ guard.

Some quotes on Beverley from his coach on the U-19 team, Coach Jerry Wainwright from DePaul:

Wainwright's take: "He may have the best motor in college basketball next season. He's excited about every play and every day. Nobody in the tournament played harder. He's an unbelievable defender and really blossomed as a leader."

The combination of Beverley, Weems, Hill, Townes, Ervin, and Coach Pel can only bring an exciting year of basketball on the Razorback campus this Fall. I can't wait!