CFN Pre-Season Bowl Projections

so it is that time of year again….
time for the second most exciting time of year in a sports fans life…
college football is only 1 week away…

so, it is of course time for the prognosticators to put out their predictions for everything from who will go undefeated to who will go winless and everything in between….
the sign of a "decent" season is the ability to make it to a season ending bowl game…
now, there are like 150 of these things, so I am not sure how prestigious it is anymore, but it is still a measuring stick…
that being said, College Football News has made their predictions for this year-end spectacle…

while I agree with the majority of the predictions, I am kind of cautions of this one….

Cotton Bowl
Dallas, TX
Cotton Bowl
January 1, 2007, Fox
Big 12 No. 2 vs. SEC
Bowl Projection: Oklahoma vs. Arkansas
Nebraska could be an attractive option, but Oklahoma would sell out the Cotton Bowl. Arkansas would be a nod back to the old Southwest Conference days, but Alabama could easily be here.

notice how they say, Alabama could easily be here….well I am hoping they mean Arkansas will move "up" in the bowl pecking order, but I don't think that is what they mean…

my thoughts on this Razorback team is they are one year away from being outstanding…
however, I do beleive they will win quite a few games….
look for my pre-season game-by-game predictions coming next week….

read all of CFN predictions in their pre-season bowl projections


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