well, even after given every opportunity to win the game, the hogs couldn't get it done again….
too many penalties and bad decisions by the QB just couldn't get the job done…..
in the end, the FG the hawgs gave up right before half is the difference in the game…..

rj supposedly (at least according to the obviously dillusional sports writers in arkansas) didn't do anything to warrant him not starting the next game for the hawgs…
I am not exactly sure which game they were watching, however, the only pass thrown into the the endzone or thrown at least 15 yards downfield (save the hail mary last attempt of the game) was NOT rj, but all-american in the making darren mcfadden (yes, he is the RB!!)….
mcfadden also was once again spectacular….
he set the single game and season freshman rushing record in this game….
he had 190 yards and 2 tds against the vaughnted defense….
that gives him a total of almost 700 yards on the season….
keep in mind he has only played in 4 full games all season….
he is something special….
if the hawgs had anyone at QB that had any kind of talent, they would be 5 – 2 instead of 2 – 5…..

final score:

hawgs 20
dawgs 23