mo state

finally get a chance to comment on the opening game of the razorbacks 2005 gridiron season….
i will give a grade to the major areas of offense and defense…

QB — C+ (and that is being generous, if you can't throw a 10 and out at the D1 level, geez)
RB — B- (this is because of the fumbles, otherwise 468 yards rushing is dang good boys)
WR — B- (they didn't have that many opportunities, but Monk did fumble once)
OL — A+++(whenever you rush for almost 500 yards against ANYBODY that is freaking awesome)

DL — B- (gave up too many easy yards, but take away the 80 yard run and Mo State has only 150 rushing)
LB — B (solid for most of the game, need to learn to wrap up better)
DB — A- (solid game with some stellar plays, but dropped too many easy INT)

overall grade of B-, when you beat a hapless D2 team by 32, you don't puff your chest out…you learn from mistakes and don't repeat them….if we don't put the ball on the ground this weekend, 1 – 0 in the SEC should be easy….