RazorPicks 2009 — Week 14 My Picks

Thursday, December 3
#16 Oregon State 28 @ #7 Oregon 40
Several things working against the Beavers tonight. 1) It is at night. 2) It is at Autzen Stadium. 3) 113. This is the 113 meeting of the Civil War. In none of the other 112 times has the winner of this game determined the Rose Bowl representative from the PAC-10. The. Ducks. Will. Roll.

Saturday, December 5
#5 Cincinnati 31 @ #15 Pittsburgh 24
Too bad the Panthers couldn't win the Backyard Brawl. It would have made even more drama for the Big East this weekend. Ah well. Cincy is just too good. However, will the distractions of South Bend coming to call on Brian Kelly be just enough to tilt to the favor of Pitt? I don't think so. This is just another resume padder for Kelly. Before he heads to South Bend.

#21 Houston 34 @ East Carolina 38
For all of his ballyhooed numbers this year, it won't be Keenum who lets down the Cougs in this game. It will be the Achilles' heel it has had all year … Defense. East Carolina and Pinkney will expose it from the first series and just keep on moving. The Pirates have just enough D to make enough stops to win …. again!

#23 West Virginia 21 @ Rutgers 17
Will the emotion from last week's win for the Mountaineers carry over to New Jersey? I think so. West Virginia has been on the verge of breaking out all year and that win could be just what it needed to end the year strong. Question is, will they settle for a Florida Bowl against Florida State in Bobby Bowden's swan song??

Arizona 17 @ #18 USC 12
USC has been exposed all year long for not having very good offense. If Damian Williams doesn't play again, then the "Desert Swarm 2009" will shut down the Trojans … again. They won't have to score many, and for the first time in a long, long, long time, the Trojans won't finish in the Top 25. Wow!!!

#19 California 31 @ Washington 24
In Jake Locker's last home game, the Huskies will put up a valiant fight. However, they just won't have enough over one of the most complete PAC-10 teams right now. Can you believe the PAC-10 has 5 teams ranked in the top 25?? Yeah, me neither. Either WAY overrated (more than likely) or everyone else is just down this year. Either way the Bears beat the Huskies.

#3 Texas 28 @ #22 Nebraska 17
Texas will win, but it won't be the blow out many predict. For one, if Bo Polini has watched ANY tape of Texas, then if he has the mental capacity above a 4th grader, he should be able to realize, if you take out Jordan Shipley, Texas is dead on offense. Colt McCoy is good, but if he doesn't have his roomie to throw to, well, he is just average at best. Texas was also leaky on defense giving up 39 … 39!!! to A&M. Texas will play for the BCS Championship, but boy they don't deserve to.

#10 Georgia Tech 35 @ Clemson 17
Wow! Could either of these teams have laid bigger eggs last weekend? Tech losing at home to UGA. Clemson getting totally dominated by the Ol Ball coach. I mean, wow. Just wow. So, who really cares about this game? Dabo Sweeney's family and some crazy Wrambling Wreck fans I suppose. Everyone else will be decorating for the holidays.

South Florida 20 @ UConn 31
After being so close for so many weeks, the Huskies finally got their upset. Strolling into South Bend and knocking off the Irish and sending Pear Bryant to an early retirement from college football. Brian Kelly's pay grade is about to go up. 😉 So, this week, the emotion will be running high as they take the field for their final home game to pay tribute to their fallen teammate. The Bulls don't stand a chance.

Tie-Break (Give the Score)
#1 Florida 23 vs #2 Alabama 17
The story this week has been Carlos Dunlap and just how much alcohol does it take for a 6'5″ 290 DE to get so drunk he falls asleep in his car .. at a stoplight?? I mean, really?? He will get to sleep it off from the sidelines on Saturday, in street clothes. It doesn't matter though. Touchdown Timmy will still be playing, right? That is all that matters here. If defense does win championships, flip a coin. Total Defense ranking : Florida #1 Alabama #3. So, um, yeah. Timmy cements his legacy and will move on to win his 3rd BCS Champoinship in 4 years, and his 2nd Heisman. He really is probably the greatest college football player in our generation if not all time.

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